SCOTS are being encouraged to share a 'selfie' online to make their wishes known about ­organ donation.

The Organ Donation Scotland roadshow ­visited Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries yesterday urging people to hold a speech bubble saying 'I'd like to be an ­organ donor' - the seven words which could save up to seven lives.

Shoppers were also given the opportunity to sign up to the NHS ­Organ Donor Register.

Recent figures highlighted that around 90 more lives could be saved each year, if family authorisation rates for organ donation increase.

Around 550 people in Scotland are still awaiting a life-saving transplant and around two people die each day waiting.

The Evening Times is campaigning for a change to Scotland's transplant laws.

We want a soft opt-out scheme in which doctors will presume people have agreed to donate their organs after death, unless they have opted out or their family raise an objection.