WHEN most people think of Scotland, pop boy bands aren't the first thing that springs to mind.

But young Scottish five piece Rewind from Glasgow are determined to show they have what it takes to make it big in the music industry.

The band, who are Kieran, 16, Ryan 21, James, 20 and Lewis, 20 from Glasgow, and Jack, 19 from Edinburgh, were put together in January last year when their management decided it was time a boy band from Scotland stormed the charts.

Ryan, who the other members call the boss of the group, said: "There's never really been a big boy band from Scotland.

"Our management auditioned hundreds of boys, but couldn't find anyone. They found us on Youtube, where we'd put up videos of ourselves singing, and they liked what they saw."

Jack added: "It's amazing how social media has created musical successes, like Justin Bieber who was talent spotted from his Youtube videos."

Since then, the boys have performed across Scotland, including at the Tartan Festival at the SECC with pop stars Little Mix, Conor Maynard and Stooshe.

The band all agree that performing at the SECC is their highlight so far. Ryan said: "After that moment, it all exploded for us. Within about 48 hours of the gig, we got another 15,000 followers on Twitter, which is nuts.

"When I woke up the next day, I was like, that didn't really happen. It felt so comfortable with them. Little Mix came and watched us and were tweeting us, which was a surreal experience, but they were so down to earth."

The band is still trying to come to terms with their success so far. After putting on the Christmas lights at Clydebank, the boys were escorted into a car by the police, to protect them from screaming fans.

Ryan and James recently attended a Union J gig but were left perplexed when they were mobbed by fans of their own in the stadium.

Ryan said: "We were just going to see the band then we found ourselves surrounded by a hoard of girls, asking to take our picture."

Rewind describe their sound as "infectious pop with an R and B twist," and unlike many other manufactured bands, they write their own songs. Fans of the band call themselves the Bravehearts, because of their Scottish roots and Rewind think it's essential to keep a strong Scottish identity.

James said: "We got tweeted once saying it's refreshing we don't sing in American accents which we do try to avoid."

The band is about to embark on a tour performing at 200 schools to raise awareness of cyber bullying.

James says it's a sad downside to the internet generation.

"We were the first generation to grow up with Bebo and Facebook, so it's an issue we know a lot about," he said.

Rewind are currently working on material for their first album. They will be travelling to London at the end of the month to record it.

Jack said: "I think what makes us unique is being the only Scottish boy band. Lewis raps a lot on our songs, and it's unusual to hear a Scottish rapper!

"We'd always want to stay in Scotland, but to tour across the country and one day say we've made it in America would be the dream. "

Kieran, who the band say is always up to mischief, added: "In that case, it looks as if I'm packing my bags. Why stop at America? Let's travel the world." He paused before adding with a cheeky smile, "I still think the world is flat."

Follow the band on Twitter @rewind_music or visit rewindofficial.co.uk