BECOMING a part of Glasgow's rich musical history is not a chance given to bands every day.

However, Scottish rockers Kassidy were given that opportunity when they were asked to appear at Glasgow's Hard Rock Cafe for the venue's official opening celebrations.

They will join top acts such as KT Tunstall, The Fratellis and We Were Promised Jetpacks as various artists appear over three days, from Friday.

Kassidy will take to the stage as top act at Saturday.

Guitarist Hamish Fingland said: "Being a Scottish band, playing the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe is something when I look back on the band I'll be able to think that we got to that, and be proud of it.

"They have asked some really good Glaswegian bands to play throughout the three days.

"There's a great mix of bands playing and it should be great. When we heard we were going to get the chance to play we were more than happy to do it."

After recently touring the world as support for Lana Del Rey, Hamish welcomes the return to Glasgow.

He said: "I have not had a chance to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow - the last one I went to was the one in Munich while on tour.

"It's always exciting to be back on home turf, Glasgow is one of our favourite cities to play in.

"It has been a while since we played a full set here, and with the new stuff I think this is the best we have ever sounded."

The Hard Rock gig will be one of the first times the band have played as a three-piece since the departure of frontman Barry-James O'Neill.

Hamish said: "It will be great to get a whole set in with the three of us as a group so I'm really looking forward it.

"We might even have a chance to play some new stuff, as well as stuff from the first two albums.

"We are hoping to give the fans a good mix."

The events at the Hard Rock Cafe will kick off on the Friday with a live broadcast of Clyde 1's The Knoxy Show, with Scots singer KT Tunstall headlining at night.

The day will also feature Scottish rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks, giving fans a chance to listen to new tracks from the band's upcoming album, such as Peace Sign.

Hard Rock Cafe also shows its support for local unsigned artists, with bands such as Bear Arms, Holy Ghost and The River 68s performing throughout Saturday.

THE weekend will be closed by The Fratelli's as they end the celebrations with their anthemic rock hits such as Chelsea Dagger and Henrietta.

If Hamish and his band mates need inspiration before heading into the studio, they need only look to the memorabilia covering the walls on Saturday night.

Their surroundings will be lined with items from some of the world's biggest artists, such as Sir Elton John's shoes and AC/DC guitarist Angus Young's velvet-lined school boy outfit.

Kassidy are set to start recording their new material and Hamish thinks fans will be glad to hear it, following the band's regular updates on social media.

He said: "We are in the studio just now recording some of our new stuff. The fans must be sick of us posting pictures online of us sitting in the studio and talking about recording, so we are looking forward to getting something out there.

"As a band we have definitely hit an exciting new wave."