NO-ONE wanted to see the old Art School Union go.

It was a piece of Glasgow's cultural history: a truly legendary place that inspired lyrics, musicians and art projects.

All told the same story: this place is fantastic.

OK, so the toilets were disgusting and overflowing and it was a bit grotty, but that was all part of its rakish charm.

Since it relaunched a month ago, the new union has been living up to its predecessor in just about every regard.

The nights are original, bleeding edge stuff. It's rammed, and it has the same stylish air as the old Vic Bar.

We stopped in on a relatively quiet Thursday night, before the club opened (the format from the old building is retained: bar downstairs, performance space/club upstairs).

The new Vic was busy, but not stowed, and it was all a little bit subdued - maybe a "calm before the storm" kind of thing.

The punters - you don't need me to tell you what kind of people hang out at the Art School - were all brooding to a downbeat soundtrack of weird housey beats and mostly seemed like they weren't up for it.

It must have been a weeknight malaise, because weekends have been kicking off like you would not believe.

As you might expect, it feels a little bit like you're intruding on the insular Art School community by hanging out in their union.

But with Actress and the mysterious SOPHIE playing on Saturday, and previous guests like Miaoux Miaoux and Shackleton, they're not exactly sending out "keep away" vibes.