She wowed the critics on her first night in Glasgow but what did the fans think of Beyonce's inaugural residency at the Hydro?

The American superstar kicked off the European leg of her Mrs Carter Tour with two gigs in the city this week, unveiling a new setlist and a few surprises.

Combining everything from six costumes changes, guitar solos and slick choreography to flames, fireworks, retro games references, head banging and the perfect mix of new material and classic tracks, the show proved to be a big hit with fans.

The Hydro barely manages to contain its collective excitement as they wait for her arrival and erupts into rapturous applause as she appears on stage uttering the words "Y'all ready?", before launching into Run the World (Girls).

The atmosphere at the gig is electric and, as part of Clydesdale Bank's partnership with The Hydro, the bank gave local people the chance to experience the incredible show at Scotland's new home of live entertainment.

Angela O'Reilly, from Bathgate, said: "I've never heard a better live singer than Beyonce. How can someone dance and sing and have a voice like that? It's phenomenal."

Anne Strachan, Bathgate, said: "I absolutely loved it and I've never seen better graphics than that on stage before."

Beyonce arrived in Glasgow last weekend to give her time to rehearse at the Hydro and perfect her performance and it shows.

Her performance is a masterclass in how to put on an unforgettable show, with Queen B leading the audience through a maze of visuals, videos, dance routines and songs executed with military precision.

She tells the crowd that "20 years from now I want you to say I was at that Beyonce concert and we sang, and danced and had a great time" and that's exactly what her show sets out to do.

Track from her new album including XO and Drunk in Love go down well but it's her trademark hits like Naughty Girl, Crazy in Love, Halo and Single Ladies that really gets the crowd going, while quieter moments show off her vocal talents.

Beyonce is also determined to engage with her fans, inviting some to sing along with her and singing happy birthday to others.

Sean Ewing said: "Words can't describe, I am in awe. I saw her at T in the Park and that was a preview of what happened tonight. I'm speechless, it was amazing. It was unbelievable."

Tessa Hollywood, from Kilmarnock, said: "I've been to see her 11 times around the world and the Mrs Carter Show three times and this was one of her best performances. I'll definitely be going to see her again."

Lisa Peden, from Wishaw, said: "It was absolutely fantastic, fabulous. I've been to the Hydro four or five times now and that was the best show I've seen here so far. She's a born entertainer."

Anne-Marie McCormack said: "It was the best thing that's happened to Glasgow. She was utterly mesmerising, I couldn't take my eyes off her."

Emma Stewart, who was at the gig with Sarah Donald and Charlene Baillie, said: "It was totally amazing, best gig I think I've been to and she's gorgeous, I envy her."

The Hydro was created to bring the last elusive members of music's upper echelons to Glasgow and Beyonce's shown that this is exactly the kind of gig that it was built to host.

She's proved she's still Queen B and, for fans, this was definitely the performance they've been waiting for.