It's Happy Days for a young Glasgow actor who has landed his first professional gig straight out of university in a top musical which comes to the King's Theatre next week.

Scott Waugh, 21, from Newlands, plays Richie Cunningham in Happy Days, The Musical alongside well-known names including ex-Emmerdale actor Ben Freeman, ex-Sugababes singer Heidi Range, and Bucks Fizz legend Cheryl Baker.

The role in the original cult TV series was played by Ron Howard, the award-winning Hollywood actor and director.

Scott, a former Dance School of Scotland pupil, has only just graduated with a BA Honours in Musical Theatre from London's Guildford School of Acting, and walked into a job most actors would be envious of.

He had never seen the original show prior to preparing for the part, but said: "I was very lucky, it was the perfect part at the right time. Richie is innocent, optimistic and he works well with his side-kick Fonz, I am well suited to the role."

Gaining the role, however, wasn't without sacrifice for Scott - he missed his own graduation to attend the final audition.

He also had to dye his natural light-brown hair to ginger, perfect an American accent, and entertain audiences night after night in a run which will take him all over the country.

But the blow of a tough touring schedule has been softened thanks to the supportive celebrity cast.

Scott said: "They are the nicest people. I will admit I had a preconceived idea of what they might be like, that they could be divas.

"But they are so hard-working and just get on with it like everyone else. I turned 21 this week and they even gave me gifts and cards which was really nice."

His homecoming gig will not be the first time Scott has performed at the King's as he previously took to the stage for the panto as a child.

But it will be the first time his family see him in a big role.

He said: "My family went through the roof when they found out I got the part. My mum was crying, and they are just all delighted for me. I am excited to come home and spend time with them this week."

It is certainly a dream come true for Scott to land a huge role so quickly in his career, and his advice to other hopefuls is simply: "You have to put yourself in the game."

Catch Scott as Richie Cunningham in Happy Days, The Musical from Monday, February 24 to Saturday, March 1.