MEET the Lindsays, the new neighbours in Shieldinch.

They get unpacked and settle in on screen in April when Scots actors Stephen McCole, Scott Fletcher and Bobby Rainsbury join the BBC Scotland drama River City.

Stephen, who appeared in The Wee Man and High Times, play father Alan Lindsay, a local builder driven by success; while Scott Fletcher, better known from Gary Tank Commander and Blackwatch, os his thrill-seeking son Angus and Bobby Rainsbury, who was in Filth, is troubled teenage daughter Kirsty.

Alan runs his business as he runs his family - with a strong hand and an emphasis on discipline. Estranged from his wife, he has all the family he needs in son Angus and daughter Kirsty. But while Angus brings his joy, teenage daughter just leaves him bemused.

There wouldn't be a new family in the neighbourhood without some sparks flying.

Charming but irresponsible, Angus likes to live life in the fast lane. A trained mechanic, he loves fast cars and his arrival in Shieldinch will see him form an unlikely, and potentially risky, friendship with garage owner Bob Adams, played by Stephen Purdon.

A fresh start in Shieldinch is the last thing 15-year-old Kirsty Lindsay wants. Smarting from her parents' split, she is feeling insecure, withdrawn and headed for self-destruction.

The first member of the family to appear on screen will be Stephen, when he starts filming next month at BBC Scotland's Dumbarton Studios for scenes which will air at the end of April. Scott and Bobby make their River City debuts in May.

"My wee mum is a huge River City fan so needless to say she is well chuffed I've signed up," says Stephen.

"Alan is a real family man, holding his work and family life together the best way he knows how. He has a temper but is a good guy doing the best for his kids, who do their best to keep him on his toes. He doesn't suffer fools which should be a lot of fun to play.

"Joining River City will be a blast. I get to work with some really great friends and come into the show alongside some cracking actors."

For Scott, joining River City is a family affair as his brother Ryan played bad boy Vader in the early years of the drama.

"I'm delighted to be joining the cast at this exciting time for the show, and thrilled to be alongside some brilliant actors. Ryan loved his time on River City so I know I will too. I'm really looking forward to filming starting and can't wait to see what the future holds for the Linsday family."

Bobby Rainsbury, who plays rebellious teenager Kirsty Lindsay adds: 'I'm really excited to be joining such a great cast. I'm looking forward to playing a dynamic and complicated character who will no doubt be facing a lot of challenges over the course of the next few months."

Series producer Donald MacKinnon explains that this is to be a new start for the Lindsay family but they'll soon discover that trouble will come calling for each of them in very different ways.

"The residents of Shieldinch will quickly become embroiled in their new neighbours' dramas - whether they want to or not," he says.