SMOOTH singers the Overtones can't wait to get back to Glasgow - because they love flirting with fans at their shows.

The five-piece play the Armadillo a week tomorrow, supporting their new film-themed album Saturday Night At The Movies.

But it's a spot of cheeky banter that the lads are most looking forward to.

"We're not just going to stand onstage like robots and then walk off," says singer Darren Everest.

"We're going to get to know the audience, have a chat and flirt with the ladies, as well as pick on some of the gentlemen there. It's having a laugh. We love the flirting, although don't tell my fiancée that!"

And Essex boy Darren knows they'll be getting a cracking reception on the night.

"Glasgow is the one date we always look for when we get the tour itinerary because it's always such an amazing crowd there," he says.

"We were told by some people that in Glasgow they'll let you know if they like your music or if they don't, and luckily they've always been the best crowds of the tour.

"They come for a party and to let their hair down."

The band were famously discovered by a Warner Brothers scout while all working as painters and decorators, having previously failed to crack the X Factor.

Since then they've enjoyed three hit albums, built up a large fan base and appeared at massive gigs like the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Darren reckons it proves that acts shouldn't give up on their pop dreams just because they've not made it the first time around.

"We got together and I never thought it'd be four and a half years later that we got a record deal, but that's what happened, so destiny knows better sometimes," he explains.

"Sometimes people go on The X Factor and will say 'I'm 21, this is my last chance' but you've got a long career ahead of you, as you can sing for years and years, and if you work hard it will happen."

The five piece - Darren, Timmy Matley, Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw and Lachie Chapman - turned to the cinema for inspiration for their newest album, which features film classics like Pretty Woman, Moon River and Do You Love Me, along with a trio of original tracks

While the band will be dismissed by some as just a covers band, Darren argues that they always try to put their own twist on familiar tunes.

"There's no point in just being a carbon copy," he says.

"We're happy with this one, because there's songs like Pretty Woman, which we've sung in a way that's our own, yet it's still true to the original. That's what we want, to put our own stamp on it."

As for the future, there's one name at the top of Darren's list of dream collaborations.

"Michael Buble would definitely be there," he says.

"I think we could do something cool with him.

"He seems like a lovely guy and he's a labelmate, so maybe we can get someone to hook it up."

Whatever happens, Darren is insistent that the band will be able to keep their feet on the ground.

"It helps that we're our 30s now," he says.

"I don't know how we'd have reacted if we were teenagers, but we're lucky to find success later on in life, where we're mature and honest about what we're doing.

"We're lucky to be on a sell-out tour, and as long as people just want us to keep doing it then we'll be there."

l The Overtones, Clyde Auditorium, March 7, £28.50, 7.30pm