NINE years into their tenure at the Buff Club, Killer Kitsch are the Glasgow club scene's new masters of suspense.

For over a month they've been teasing us on their Facebook: telling us about this birthday blowout that was on the cards but didn't have a confirmed date yet.

It'll be soon, they said. No big guests, they said.

And that was it: they left it hanging on our Upcoming Events like a present that you know is yours but you can't open yet.

And then, last week, it was confirmed.

The Kitsch crew's ninth birthday went down on Tuesday and, true to their word, this was strictly a residents only affair.

The booths were in sole control of the guys who have built KK up into one of the country's most celebrated midweek nights from the most humble of beginnings.

Head man Euan Neilson prides himself on the club's eclecticism: the old house and electro staples have recently been joined by cutting edge sounds from Europe and America.

The residents took it in turns, with the Buff's cramped upstairs dancefloor never less than jammed.

Craig, Iain, Neil, Pasty and Danny were joined by Doug Harris, part of Flat 0/1's successful Boogaloo crew.

It's an incredibly hip crowd that make up KK's audience: all check shirts, beanie hats and cheekbones, but this night of old classics and recently-discovered gems meant the posturing was ditched in favour of unhinged dance action.