Say What is your guide into what has been happening in the world of celebrity on social media.

Blink and you'll miss a tweet. Scroll too fast and that all important selfie will never dazzle your eyes. Don't panic, as we have this weekly guide on what your favourite celebrities have been up to on social media. Here is what has been happening this week -

Madonna could be working with Avicii or Avicci

Madonna confirmed she is working with top producer Avicii on Instagram this week. The singer posted this picture and said, "Doing some house work before heading to the studio with Avicci!" Twitter went crazy after the Queen of Pop posted this picture...purely because she misspelt the Wake Me Up star's name incorrectly. Personally, we are more concerned about the fact she is so glam for doing the house work, most of us stick on old clothes, wear minimum make-up and scrap our hair back. But then again we ain't Madonna. Later in the week, she posted lots of pictures of her working in the studio with the producer. We can't wait to hear what they come up with.

Made in Hurry Up

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson teased fans with a tweet about the new series. The reality TV star is currently filming the new series with the rest of the cast but there is no word yet on when it is likely to be shown on E4. Hurry up, we can't wait to see all the latest Chelsea dramas.

Kardashians take over Versace mansion

The Kardashian 'Krew' have been in Miami this week for the relaunch of their Dash store. The family stayed at the famous Versace mansion on Ocean's Drive while they were in the city - and have posted endless pictures on social media of the luxury property. This however is our favourite - Kourtney Kardashian lying in a huge bed. How comfy does that bed look?

More Spring Clean than Spring Break

We wouldn't want to mess with Spring Break star Vanessa Hudgens. The actress pulled her best ninja pose while doing some housework this week. She posted on Instagram, "How I dust the patio. I hope it inspires you to dress up for every occasion lol. #springcleaning #thisIShowWeDOit #ninja." Remember when she just used to sing pretty songs in High School Musical? Not anymore...

Vampire at the White House?

NSYNC singer Lance Bass posted this picture of himself with Twilight actress Nikki Reed at the White House on Instagram. We wonder what Rosalie Hale is doing at the White House, someone save the President! We are kidding we know Twilight ain't real...

Adventure in Dubai

The gorgeous Mark Wright and stunning Michelle Keegan have been topping up their tans in Dubai and they posted a picture of themselves enjoying their holiday on Instagram. They look like they are having a ball.

Shakira has a bad hair day - she said it not us!

Shakira posted this picture of her getting her done on Instagram with the caption, "Bad hair day." We don't think we have ever seen that girl look bad!

Billie shows off her bump

TOWIE'S Billie Faiers showed off her lovely baby bump on Twitter this week. The reality star said she was heading out for dinner with the girls - how amazing does she look in an LBD?

Oscar selfie part deux?

Actress Joan Collins attempted to create the Oscar selfie part deux - but it didn't quite have the same effect. The star took the photo at a Princes Trust event, and it has been claimed she even asked Prince Charles to take part but he politely declined. We think one doesn't like a selfie! She did, however, rope in loads of other celebs and we spy Sir Ben Kingsley, Pixie Lott, Vernon Kay, Dominic West, Jools Holland, Luke Evans and Jeremy Irons.

Cute couple!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prince Jnr posted their first selfie together on Twitter this week. Sarah wanted to thank the fans for their support - how cute are they? Whenever we see Freddie though we still think about the time he played the Manny in Friends - genius!