Pete Wentz is excited.

Together with Fall Out Boy - the American rock band he's played bass in for almost 15 years - he's looking forward to bringing Glasgow a completely new experience in terms of live performance.

"We're doing something we've never been able to do in the UK before", he explains.

"For the first time, we looked at some of our previous shows in the US on YouTube and asked ourselves - how do we recreate this on our dates elsewhere?"

"So we figured out a way to make them the same. And that began by shipping things over for the shows on a boat".

A... boat?

"You know, video screens, props - in actual fact, a whole other level to the set that's going to make it amazing. All the gags we pull on our US dates we can now bring to the UK.

"And for Glasgow - we're going all out".

It's the band's biggest ever UK and European tour, with dates in London, Newcastle, Manchester and Dublin, to name just a few.

A year after the band played Glasgow last, how does Wentz remember the city?

"Hot! Incredibly hot."

He has the right Glasgow, yes? The Glasgow that receives only approximately four hours of sunshine all year round?

"Oh, yes. But there were so many kids in that venue. We were completely spurred on by the crowd. After the show, we went to - how do you pronounce it? The Gar-ardge? The Ga-radge?"

The Garage?

"Yes! Which was awesome. We've been to the Garage multiple times now. That's a really good hang-out spot".

"When we were here last time, it coincided with a Burns' night. So of course, we all got into the zone with it. There was even haggis! And yes, I tried it".

What was the verdict?

"I guess it's a bit like American customs. When you've grown up with something, it feels like second nature to eat it. And when you haven't... [laughs]. Well. Like I said, I tried it, and it was cool. It was different".

What sorts of things do the band enjoy when they come to Scotland?

"The last time we were here, our promoter, Donald, said he'd take us to a castle. But he never did. Now I really want to go to a castle.

"The thing with Scotland is that the band feels like it has a real energy with the place. We're kindred spirits with it, in a way".

So, fans of Fall Out Boy take note: head to the Garage after the band's Hydro date this Saturday, and swot up on castle tour knowledge.

Well, you never know...