CONNOISSEURS of terrible tunes and wall paraphernalia will have been disappointed to learn of the demise of Campus.

News broke in January of the Sauchiehall Street frat house's closing, but its exile didn't last long.

A leaner, revitalised Campus has spawned on the corner next to the ABC, where the infamously dodgy Sports Bar used to reside. In case you missed it, it's brash, bright red and it has that "new theme bar" smell - in contrast to the Sports Bar, which was blue and white and reeked of Lynx and desperation.

While it's still somewhat surprising to walk past the old Campus unit further down Sauchiehall Street and see it lying dormant, it shouldn't be that much of a shock to learn that it's the exact same crowd that are keeping the new venue alive.

Teams of groomed, perma-tanned shock troops are everywhere: hair thick with gel and spray, their nutritionally- enhanced biceps rippling as they slam back another Jägerbomb.

Some are the kind of lads who Vice's Clive Martin recently (completely accurately) described as products of an environment "that has very little to offer them any more, other than gym memberships, intentionally ripped clothes, alcohol and creatine."

They're the people on your Facebook who post Neknomination videos (remember them) and pictures of their winnings from the bookies every Saturday, followed by attention-seeking statuses about their hangovers every Sunday.

There's little to recommend about these guys, but their weekend debauchery can throw up some alarming insight about what happens when you're young, alienated and full of testosterone.

As for the bar? If you love forced nostalgia for the '90s, dreadful music and cheap alcopops you're in luck.

Campus has it all.