Say What is your guide into what has been happening in the world of celebrity on social media.

Blink and you'll miss a tweet. Scroll too fast and that all important selfie will never dazzle your eyes. Don't panic, as we have this weekly guide on what your favourite celebrities have been up to on social media. Here is what has been happening this week -

McBusted love Glasgow

It's a match made in pop heaven, Busted and McFly forming one supergroup to become...McBusted. The boys were once cute pop teens and now they have grown into handsome talented musicians. They also choose Glasgow to kick off their tour and they have been posting like crazy on social media about how excited they are. The band said: "It's here!! First day of the tour kicks off in Glasgow tonight...totally psyched, looking forward to seeing you all and we'll be up close and personal with our OMFG! Zone gang! Who's coming?" The gig obviously went well because Tom Fletcher later posted the above tweet. The show might be perfect Tom but we also think McBusted are, don't we girls?

Party with Paris

Where ever there is a good party in the world, international socialite Paris Hilton is usually not far away. Last month, she graced the ravers at Ultra Music Festival in Miami with her presence - and now she has been mixing with her fellow celebs at Coachella festival in LA. The star posted several snaps on her Instagram with her fellow A-listers including her fashion designer sister Nicky, singer Fergie and actress Emma Roberts. Oh to be Paris Hilton just for one day...

Stefani on the Selfie

Singer Gwen Stefani asked the question we all really want to know the answer to. "What is it about selfies? Gx" We would like to know too G but first let me take a selfie.

Sheridan no mates

Actress Sheridan Smith complained on Twitter that she had no one to eat with in a restaurant. It couldn't have been that bad, if you tweeted about it - and we are sure the bubbly blonde isn't short of mates to dine with. Call us anytime Sheridan!

Who's that girl?

Quirky New Girl actress Zooey Descanel apparently doesn't quite shop like the rest of us. She posted this picture and said, "Shoppin'". We think she might be in a changing room but we really want to know what she is looking at. We also think it would be amazing if Schmidt was her shopping buddy, don't you? 

Because she's worth it...

Her bessie mate Cheryl Cole might steal the limelight in the hair department - she does have a deal with L'Oreal after all. But we have to admit we are equally loving Kimberley Walsh's hair. The pregnant star said: "Got my locks back for the day....." Doesn't she look beautiful?

Chuck Bass gets back to the day job

Too cool for school actor Ed Westwick aka Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass is actually on Twitter and Instagram, any celebrity stalker worth their salt will know this naturally. But aside from being extremely good looking, he often just posts quirky things when all we want to see is pictures of Ed. Our prayers have been answered ladies. The star posted this picture of him in the make-up room on the set of a film in his hometown London. We need more posts like this Ed.

Fearne is catwoman

TV presenter Fearne Cotton is known for her quirky style and she seems to have taken it to the next level. The star posted this picture of her cat inspired trainers and said, "Cat walk." That did make us laugh but we are unsure if we can be as bold as you with our fashion choices.

Posh Spice is 40

We just adore Victoria Beckham and we can't believe the star is 40. So aside from eating cake to help her celebrate - any excuse - we have also been hanging on every word she says on Twitter. And she did not disappoint from posting baby pictures to a loved up photo of her with hubby David, we are loving Victoria at 40. We just hope we look as good as her when we get to that age. Happy birthday Posh!

Chloe knows Best

TOWIE's Chloe Sims met up with Calum Best for a training session this week. Believe us that is Calum, he just sports a beard nowadays. The star said: "Thanks @thelomaxway for ur gym and @mrcalumbest for kicking my ass training me." We don't know they knew each other, did you?