When it was announced that McFly and Busted would form a supergroup to tour the UK, mass boyband hysteria took over.

Parents, teenagers and adults - who have grown with the bands - frantically dialled the booking lines for tickets, websites crashed unable to cope with demand, and tantrums ensued as many fans simply failed to get their date with McBusted.

An additional six dates were added to the tour as a result - they are due back in Glasgow on 15 and 16 of May - but for the fans who get to see the heartthrobs do their second show in Glasgow, the night was sure to be extra special.

"I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Better than I actually expected," beamed Louise McCab (26) from Coatbridge.

The McFly fan added: "When they came down in the UFO, it was easily the best part...amazing."

Edinburgh friends Shauna Queen (15), Sarah Spencer (15) and Emily Hay (15) all loved the show.

Shauna said: "It was really good. I think the ending was best because they sang Year 3000."

Sarah added: "Air Hostess was my favourite."

But McFly fan Emily was more interested in the props, "Dougie's pink guitar was just fantastic. It was amazing and I was expecting it to be amazing."

Stirling lass Victoria Campbell (16) could not contain her excitement, saying, "OMG amazing. Better than I saw Busted live at Live and Loud when I was like five. I just love Matt and Busted were my favourite."

Superfan Rhiannan Young (16), from Glasgow, added: "This is the fifth time I have saw McFly and it is the best I have ever seen them.

"It was amazing especially with the UFO coming down."

Friend Fiona Heirs (17), from Glasgow, added: "Words can't describe how good it was."

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