Say What is your guide into what has been happening in the world of celebrity on social media.

Blink and you'll miss a tweet. Scroll too fast and that all important selfie will never dazzle your eyes. Don't panic, as we have this weekly guide on what your favourite celebrities have been up to on social media.

Is Becks Livin' La Vida Loca?

David Beckham has been having a rare old time in China if his Facebook posts are anything to go by. The retired football showed off his football skills on a TV show proving he still golden with a ball. He also posted a topless selfie at the hotel he was staying at and said, "Having a great time in Macau at Venetian Macao." The star even bumped into pop hunk Ricky Martin at the China Music Awards. And Ricky could not wait to grab a picture with Becks which he later posted on Instagram. Who can blame him?

Lindsay Lohan arrives in Italia

Actress Lindsay Lohan pulled her best selfie pose in Milan. The star posted this picture on Instagram and said, "Milan here I am!!! #werk #quiche #grateful." We wonder which European hotspot will be her next destination?

Demi woke up like this...and she told the world

A fresh faced Demi Lovato continued with the Beyonce inspired trend of taking a photo of yourself make-up free - after you wake up. Doesn't she look lovely? She said: "I woke up like dis....... at 4pm." We wish we were as brave - and beautiful - as you are Demi.

Ella has the X-Factor

We love, love, love X-Factor star Ella Henderson's first single Ghost. The track was written by the very cute lead singer of One Republic Ryan Tedder - who also wrote Bleeding Love BTW - and it really is a stunning debut. You might remember the teenager was the shock elimination on The X Factor back in 2012 when she found herself in the bottom two with eventual series winner James Arthur. But we all knew back then she was going to be a star anyway, right? Ella has been promoting the single like mad on Twitter this week, she said: "Thank you for the love for #GhostOfficialVideo! What's your favourite bit? I wanna see your screengrabs E xx." We can't pick a favourite bit, have a watch and see if you can...

Seasons in the Son

The gorgeous Jodi Albert posted this lovely picture of hubby Kian Egan and son Koa on Instagram. Kian was filming his new video on the beach but let's face it the attention is all on little Koa. How cute is he?

Franco and another Roberts do a movie

They have just done new movie Palo Alto together, and it seems James Franco and Emma Roberts are excited to be on the promotional tour. It also seems the Roberts girls love a bit of James Franco, remember aunt Julia did Eat, Pray, Love with the actor. The two posted this picture on their respective Instagram - and we have to admit we do love James Franco. And how much does Emma look like her aunt?

Perfect couple

How gorgeous are Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan? And how many times can we write this sentence? They really are the perfect couple. The beautiful duo posed in white on Michelle's Instagram. She said: "Me and the Mr. #summer #white @wrighty_" If only the rest of us looked this good in white!

What's the story?

Liam Gallagher sure knows how to get the great British public's attention. The singer spelt out Oasis in single character tweets on Thursday evening, prompting rumours the band are to reform. There is no word yet from the official Oasis camp on what the band's future plans are but we have to admit we are excited about this. And if Liam has been having some fun with us, we just think that is plain mean, don't you?

Robbie pays tribute to St George

He lives in LA but Robbie Williams is still a true Englishman at heart. The star posed in a medieval costume and said, "Happy St George's Day soldiers." How can he still look so handsome?

She's electric

The gorgeous Carmen Electra posted this picture of herself with Guns and Roses frontman Axl Rose. She said: "Got 2 meet #AxlRose last night at #Revolver #GoldenGods #Awards." She looks amazing, doesn't she?