Kicking about a club dressed head to toe as Willy Wonka and handing out jelly beans would get you arrested in some places, but at The Flying Duck it's considered perfectly normal behaviour.

It's just one of the many things that are endearing about this hidden gem at the top of the town, where a club night isn't so much an excuse to dance as a reason to get a costume on and let your inner weirdo free.

You see, the Duck does an amazing line in indie club nights.

It is an indie club after all, so that's expected - but their themed nights are off the scale in terms of originality and effort.

In the past there have been parties centered around Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski, Wes Anderson, Star Wars… the list could go on.

This latest outing, held last Friday was a celebration of the work of Roald Dahl, the literary genius whom we all grew up adoring.

If even the idea seems sickeningly twee, well, then you have no taste at all, because it was pretty fun.

The likes of Fantastic Mr Fox was projected onto the dancefloor, there were sweets and Dahl paraphernalia everywhere, and the tunes were so brilliantly varied I wouldn't know where to begin describing it.

There was twee indie pop, orchestral instrumentals and, later on, some heavy grooves - it was ideal.

People go nuts for this kind of thing because it allows their inhibitions to come out completely, although with dedicated superfans those inhibitions are usually pretty low.

The Duck is a sanctuary for those who see nothing wrong with dancing around dressed as the rabbit from Georgy Porgy, and I'm glad we have it here.