Say What is your guide into what has been happening in the world of celebrity on social media.

Blink and you'll miss a tweet. Scroll too fast and that all important selfie will never dazzle your eyes. Don't panic, as we have this weekly guide on what your favourite celebrities have been up to on social media.

Does Liam know he is One Direction?

Perhaps One Direction star Liam Payne should keep his thoughts to himself. It seems the singer thinks of himself as a modern day Christopher Columbus, and singing part is just part-time. Someone should tell that to his legions of fans. OK we are being a bit harsh, you are forgiven Liam. But only because you tried to recreate the Oscar selfie wth the band who are currently on their world tour. We have to say we never get bored of 'these how many celebrities can you fit in the one picture selfies'.

Aussies unite

Kylie Minogue is one lucky girl getting to cuddle up to Hugh Jackman. The actor posted a picture of himself with the pint-sized star on Instagram, and said: "Love this awesome lady! #Aussies #Kylie #Surprise." If only we should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!

Tyra works it out

All the celebrities love Britney Spears. And the latest star to post about the pop princess is none other than Tyra Banks. The model saw Britney live at her Las Vegas residency and posted, "You wanna be a MODEL. You betta WORK BITCH. @phvegas @britneyspears." We want that hat so badly!

Three woman and a baby

We just love it when the Girls Aloud crew get together, they also look like they are having the best time ever. Cheryl Cole posted this picture with Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh with the simple caption, "3 woman and a baby." We bet the girls can't wait to be aunties.


X-Factor star Rebecca Ferguson seemed a little down in the dumps over men this week. The star - who has been linked to some famous men so we are dying to know who this refers to - called upon the sisterhood to aim higher when it comes to choosing another half. We are with you Rebecca. The star is due to give birth to her third child in November.

Auntie Kelly

Kelly Osbourne showed off her adorable niece Pearl this week. Kelly took Pearl, who is brother Jack's daughter, to see Ozzy Osbourne's Black Sabbath. She said: "Holding Pearl my shoulders so she can watch her grandpa was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!! She is such a rocket #BlackSabbath." We think she may have meant rocker, iPhone typos get us all...even the celebrities.

Made in Friends

Looks like Made in Chelsea's Proudlock is still best of buds with the show's former star Caggie. The pair posed for a picture on Instagram and we have to admit - we Caggie back on the show, don't you?

Happy birthday Monroe and Moroccan

Mariah Carey's twins are just adorable and this week they celebrated their birthday. Mariah's hubby Nick Cannon posted this picture and gushed about his family. He said: "4/30 was amazing! Happy birthday to my greatest blessings in the world and Happy Anniversary to the beautiful woman who gave them to me!" That melts out hearts just a little.

Mossy and Grimey

Kate Moss launched her new collection at Topshop this week - with a helping hand from Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw who posted this picture from the launch event on his Instagram. We have to say she looks amazing!