With some fans camping out to get up close to the provocative Miley Cyrus, we got the fans' reaction to the Glasgow leg of her controversial Bangerz tour last night.

Despite some crude onstage antics, most of the crowd seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the unique Miley experience.

Joyce Ross, from Knightswood, said: "It was really good, I thought the stage show was really excellent."

Yvonne Lamb, from Maryhill, added: "It was total entertainment, I didn't think it was too raunchy at all. It was brilliant."

Shirley Robertson, who travelled from Aberdeen, said: "It was really good, I loved it, but sometimes I had to cover the young one's eyes."

Keith Bonner, who travelled with his family, commented: "It was amazing", adding that his highlight was when Cyrus covered Coldplay's The Scientist.

Emily and Nicole, both from Aberdeen, were hoarse from screaming and both had trouble finding the words to sum up Miley's performance. Nichole said: "I can't even explain how good it was", while Emily said: "I don't know a word for it... spectacular!"