Barry Manilow has remained at the top of the charts - and within many hearts - for the last couple of decades, quite simple because of his enthusiastic fans.

His army of 'Fanilows' follow his every move and come out to support his tour in their masses.

"It's just so much fun. I saw him a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it then. I wouldn't have come back unless he was good," said Wendy McAllister from Wishaw.

Sister Mandy Smith - who may have been named after the song made famous by Manilow - came to the show to celebrate a special birthday.

She said: "I enjoyed it and he sang Mandy."

The sisters' mum Alison Carlin added: "He is a wonderful entertainer."

James Mullen, from Glasgow, admitted it was his first time seeing Manilow in concert and he was pleasantly surprised at how good he was.

He said: "He is like a fine whisky, he gets better as he matures. I remember all his hits in the 70s and I never thought he would be as good live.

"I was blown away, he simply has an outstanding voice."

Fife couple Peter and Helen loved the show but felt the interval was too long - and they would have liked to have seen more Manilow on stage.

Peter said: "He is a fabulous entertainer. I would have just liked him on earlier and the interval could have been shorter."

Dundee friends Agnes Gowans and Wendy Rae wore their football style Manilow scarfs to the gig.

The girls, who have saw him loads throughout the year, said they loved the show.

Agnes added: "It brought a tear to my when he sang back to his younger self on the screen during Mandy."

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