Glasgow woman Danielle ­McMahon joined up with other housemates in the Big Brother house last night.

Danielle, 25, is one of 14 ­contestants competing for a £100,000 prize in the 15th series of the show, presented by Emma Willis.

She said she was "business-minded" and aspires to have her own Wonderbra company.

Danielle told the show she lived her life by strict Catholic values, doesn't believe in gay marriage but isn't homophobic.

She is "old-fashioned" views and believes that "things were better years ago". She also ­believes in traditional gender roles and feels the 1950s housewife was a better role model.

She thinks her friends would describe her as "confident, ­savvy, intelligent, determined and ­sensible". She is never reckless and will "never wholeheartedly let my hair down".