Say What is your guide into what has been happening in the world of celebrity on social media.

Blink and you'll miss a tweet. Scroll too fast and that all important selfie will never dazzle your eyes. Don't panic, as we have this weekly guide on what your favourite celebrities have been up to on social media. Here is what has been happening this week -

Happy birthday Khloe!

Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday this week. The star posted pictures on Instagram of the celebration and our rumoured love interest rapper French Montana popped up in a few of the pictures. Happy birthday Khloe and isn't she looking fab in her thirties?


Pop princess Britney Spears has been enjoying her summer holiday away from her Las Vegas residency with her adorable sons Sean and Jayden. The star said: "What's up summer!!! Where are my sunglasses when I need them. Lol."

We want both

Robbie Williams is due to play his second night at Glasgow's Hydro today but it seems he has been clowning around backstage during the Swing Both Ways Tour. He posted on Facebook, "The only thing women want more than men is..." Now we really want a Toblerone.

Louis is Games ready

If you haven't got your tickets yet to see the men's gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games, you probably should if you want to see the hunky Louis Smith in action. The gymnast will be competing at Glasgow 2014 - and we can't wait to see him in action, remember the Olympics? And it seems Louis still holds fond memories of the Olympics as he posted this picture and said, "Haven't worn this bad boy in a while. #fitslikeaglove."

Dougie and Joe

McBusted star Dougie Poynter bumped into Joe Jonas this week. The pair posted this picture on the McBusted Facebook page, and said: "This guy is awesome and talented and kind and courageous. The other guy is Joe Jonas." We wonder if Joe is helping the McBusted boys out with new tracks?

Mona Lady

Lady Gaga certainly knows how to bring art to life. Known for her unusual fashion choices, the singer posted this picture of her wearing a Mona Lisa inspired outfit on her Instagram. She said: "I loved this moment. I hope it will be remembered forever. That there was a crazy passionate little baby who wanted everyone to keep art alive." Ok, then.

Game, Set, Celebrities

There has been a few famous in the crowds at Wimbledon - let's face it, most of us only ever watch the final to see which A lister will show up. Tamara Ecclestone posted a picture of herself and hubby Jay Rutland enjoying some tennis action on centre court. Strictly Come Dancing buddies Denise Van Outen, Kimberley Walsh and Kara Tointon were also at the famous London sports venue having a good old gossip by the look of things. Now we are in the mood for some strawberries and cream - and maybe some more celebrities at Wimbledon.

CBB buddies

David Gest and Jodie Marsh have certainly kept up their friendship since appearing on Celebrity Big Brother together. Jodie posted this picture of the pair and said, "Love this man so much. Just had lunch in Shoreditch House and business meetings. Exciting things coming." We wonder what those two are working on.

Spot the celebrity

We do love Lewis Hamilton, he seems like one of us. Anytime a celebrity pops up on his radar he asks them for a quick snap - and we would so do the same. This week he posted a picture with actor Samuel L Jackson and basketball star Magic Johnson. We can't wait to see who he meets next.

Ellie fortune teller?

Ellie Goulding gazes into the cup in this picture on Instagram and posts Zurich- Luexembourg-Glastonbury. It's a hard life being a pop star. We do wonder though is she reading her fortune from tea leaves?