FOR the country's remaining Mods, this five day-long celebration of their once-reigning culture is a pilgrimage that must be made.

During the 60s and early 80s, these parka-wearing, scooter-riding (not moped - never call it a moped in front of a true Mod) dandies were the coolest youth movement ever.

They danced all night to modern jazz, struck fear into the hearts of rockers everywhere with their tailored Italian suits, and they looked unbelievably cool every moment of the day.

Now, though, with their numbers diminished, the flame is carried by the oldies as the new recruits dwindle.

Sure, Jake Bugg and Bradley Wiggins are doing their bit to bring perennial British cool to a new generation, but for the most part this weekend celebration was all about nostalgia for the psychedelic Sixties.

Anyone who Mods it up all year round will be intimately acquainted with main venue McChuills - it's a slightly underground, super-cool boozer with an outstanding soundtrack and plenty of scooter parking.

The bar's silver-haired elder statesman, who pumps out the jams despite being - at the least - well into retirement age, is a joy to behold as he peruses his extensive CD collection, carefully mixing reggae, Krautrock and soul with the joi de vivre of a man half his age.

Midweek nights are quiet, but on Saturday evenings the place comes alive, with hip patrons of all ages squeezing through its narrow spaces to dance to this old legend's perfect tune choices.