BIG Yin Billy Connolly has been dancing the sizzling Brazilian dance lambazouk, his wife Pamela Stephenson today revealed.

The news will delight legions of the comedian's fans, given the double blow to his health last year in the form of Parkinson's Disease and prostate cancer.

"Billy loves the dance," says Pamela, who is the writer and producer of the new show, Brazouka, which she has developed with dance director Arlene Phillips.

The passionate dance is features in her new Edinburgh Festival show.

"I've had lots of lambazouk parties at home in New York and he's had a go."

New Zealand-born Pamela, who married the Scots star in Fiji in 1989, added: "He rather likes the idea of dancing with several girls at once, and who am I to try and stop him?"

Pamela maintains her husband is recovering well from surgery.

"He's had a real, real fright but honestly, he's picked up better than I could ever have imagine.

"The cancer has gone. There were some complications after it but, touch wood, he's now fine."

The couple have three daughters together, Daisy, Amy and Scarlett, and Pamela describes herself as "a glass half-full person", while "Billy's a bit the other way", but they have a good balance.

She added: "The Parkinson's is mild but Billy worries about it. It's bigger in his mind than it is in reality; he's always watching for symptoms. We are not expecting major symptoms to develop any time soon."

Billy will tour next year to sell-out crowds at Glasgow in October and recently wowed critics in New Zealand.

"The big problem he had was with his hearing," says his wife. "But now that's he's got a hearing aid he's been great on stage.

"There were some stories after he did a show in Ireland that his memory was going but that's not the case. He couldn't hear properly."

Pamela reveals her husband doesn't like her to come on tour with him but he's by her side in Edinburgh.

"He's taking me to lunch, right now, if only you'd stop speaking to me," she says, laughing.

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