IT'S time we talked about bouncers.

I'm getting quite sick of their antics in a way that I don't think I can stay silent about anymore.

I understand they have a harder job than I do. It can't be easy being verbally and physically provoked all night.

In a city of scrap-happy wide boys, the constant aggression and lip they face must be difficult. Fair enough.

I also get that being rained and spewed on constantly isn't a lot of fun. If I was a bouncer I'd be pretty miserable. But it's time they stopped taking it out on the punters.

Over the past few months I've noticed that, increasingly, many door staff around Glasgow are ruining people's nights for no reason.

And to make things worse, they just aren't living up to their mandate of keeping people safe. Some examples: one of my female friends was in a large group refused entry to a "premium" club on Queen Street.

They had paid for a table in advance. No reasons given, just the standard rejection of "try somewhere else".

Last month, a steward shouted in my face at closing time in a Sauchiehall Street club for walking on the wrong side of a barrier.

Then, days later, I wasn't allowed in a Bath Street cocktail bar for wearing shorts. At 6pm in the height of summer! They were tailored shorts, too.

The night we spent in Slouch, mercifully, had no such incidents.

It's a cosy, congenial, decent boozer with an extensive spirit selection and decent music.

But, on another night, my friends were kicked out for being "too loud" and earlier this year, one of their doorman laughed in my face after listening in on a conversation I was having as I walked past. So, you know, nowhere's perfect.