One Direction piled in James Corden’s car for a fun-filled episode of Carpool Karaoke on his chat show The Late Late Show.

In between singing their classic hits, James chatted to the boys and they revealed that one of them would love to marry Selena Gomez, one of them will be moving his parents into his house during their upcoming hiatus, and one of them really, really needed a wee.

The car journey was like a school trip as James ensured the band – Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – had their seatbelts on and told Harry to hold it when he said he was the guilty party who needed a loo stop.

He then joined the boys in a rendition of their first hit You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful as they journeyed through some of the best of the band’s back catalogue on Tuesday night’s show.

Harry StylesGuilty! Harry needs a wee (The Late Late Show/YouTube)


But they were soon interrupted by a prank of Harry’s.

“Who the hell put my seat heater on? Turn it off man, my arse is on fire,” yelled Liam.

Of course, it would be hard to drive round the streets of LA with One Direction in your car without picking up a bit of attention, and they were soon spotted by fans.

“She’s been following me for a while now, I’ve seen her a couple of times,” said Liam, as he waved at a group of women in a car.

But Health and Safety Harry was more concerned about the passengers putting on their seatbelts.

One Direction (The Late Late Show/YouTube)Louis told a harrowing tale of a lady and milk (The Late Late Show/YouTube)


Obsessive fans in cars were much less scary than at your front door, however, Louis revealed.

He said: “It does get a bit scary when people are close to your house. A couple of weeks ago I tweeted ‘Nothing worse than waking up in the morning and you can’t have a cup of tea because you’ve got no milk’.

“Within an hour, someone’s ringing the bell relentless and it’s this 45-year-old woman, she comes to the door like, ‘Here’s the milk’. I mean, thanks love.”

James then joined the boys for an a cappella version of Story of my Life and Best Song Ever, with a little harmonising session in between.

One Direction (The Late Late Show/YouTube)One Direction gets the James Corden treatment (The Late Late Show/YouTube)


Attempting to fix the fact that One Direction don’t dress the same or do dance routines like his favourite 90s boybands, James then lead the boys through some choreography for their song No Control.

Asked why they don’t do routines, Harry replied: “I think that would make sense if we were all dancers to start with, but we’re not.”

Still, they dutifully donned some double denim and followed James’ hand choreography including pointing at their crotch for the lyrics “fully loaded”, much to the boys’ amusement.

One Direction (The Late Late Show/YouTube)They look unimpressed with his choreography (The Late Late Show/YouTube)


Eager to get some gossip from Niall – who is reportedly dating Selena Gomez – James challenged him to a game of Sleep, Marry, Cruise.

Niall needed to pick who he’d sleep with, marry and go on a cruise for a whole year with out of Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Tina Fey.

“Sleep with Tina Fey, let’s marry Gomez, and go on a cruise with Demi Lovato,” replied Niall.

“Demi’s got a great voice, singing songs, we could have good craic,” he reasoned for his holiday choice.

One Direction (The Late Late Show/YouTube)Is that the look Niall would use on Selena Gomez? (The Late Late Show/YouTube)


Their fourth song choice was Perfect, then James asked whether they were nervous about their upcoming hiatus in March next year.

Liam replied, “Well, it’s quite a scary thing because we haven’t really stopped for five years. I think more than anything we’re going to miss being on stage.

“We haven’t seen our family. My mum and dad are coming to live with me for a little bit which is nice that I get to spend some time with them.”

Louis, who is due to become a father during their break, added, “It’s going to be interesting for all of us, it’s going to be interesting to see what each of us do as individuals throughout the break. It’s gonna be cool.”

One Direction (The Late Late Show/YouTube)Harry gets into the swing of things (The Late Late Show/YouTube)


The car journey then finished with a performance of Drag Me Down, but poor Harry’s voice cracked as he attempted to ad-lib the chorus.

The car trip was a nicer meeting with James than their previous appearance on the show, when a game of Tattoo Roulette saw Harry forced to get “Late Late” indelibly marked on his body.