Few cultural phenomena turn grown men into bellowing idiots the way wrestling does. That’s because there are guys of a certain age – generally between 25 and 35 – for whom the sports entertainment franchise WWE will always hold a special appeal: it is televisual comfort food for the Twitter generation.

For me, it is memories of Saturday mornings sitting cross-legged on the carpet in my childhood living room, marvelling at The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mankind battering seven shades out of each other. It is bowls of cereal and cups of milky tea in front of the fire; laughing at the ham acting, headbanging to the metal-influenced intro music, reciting the catchphrases in school, drinking in the rich, captivating spectacle of it all.

Of course, you grow up and realise that it’s all nonsense. And not even good nonsense, like Rick & Morty: it’s silly, scripted, oiled-up nonsense that nobody over the age of 13 should be invested in. But many of us refuse let go, and that’s why establishments like Campus and The Box and Walkabout have Wrestlemania events like the one we stopped by last Sunday, where Tapout t-shirt-wearing beefcakes with beards and ponytails can drink Monster cocktails and high-five each other.

These bastions of bro culture are easy to mock but they can be entertaining places: they brim with righteous Glaswegian patter and the atmosphere never threatens to spill over into the dreaded roid rage. The same cannot be said when that other great sporting event that we enjoy in Glasgow so much – that which has been known to evolve into WWE-style antics and features so much partisan shouting – is shown, so perhaps I’ll find myself drawn back to Campus for the wrasslin’s SummerSlam spectacular when it airs in August. Or, you know, maybe not.

Wrestlemania at Campus

Q: Who's the best wrassler of all time?

David McKee (26),north Ayrshire - "Stone Cold Steve - I love the way he does his character".

Owen McNamara (24), north Ayrshire - "Shawn Michaels - when he came out, you just knew you were going to get a good show".

Muzz Man (26), Castlemilk - "John Cena - he's a top lad, and the women love him".

David Conway (36), Thornliebank - "Ultimate Warrior. He was all about the warpaint, and you had to admire the way he entered the ring".

Kathryn Quinn (25), Bishopbriggs - "Hulk Hogan - he's got some great moves".

Darcy Bolam (18), Barmulloch - "The Rock - he's got a nice bum".

Ben Wilson (22), East Kilbride - "Jeff Hardie. He's electrifying".

Robert McEwan (23), East Kilbride - "Ultimate Warrior. He was just crazy".

Conor McLeod (23), East Kilbride - "CM Punk - he's simply the best in the world".

Grant Irvine (26), Airdrie - "Goldberg - he looks like my dad".

Chris Dalziel (25), Airdrie - "Shane McMahon - he's off his nut".

Brian Reid (57), Shettleston - "Sheamus. He's just one of the very best".

James Speedie (34), Maryhill - CLUBBER OF THE WEEK

Q: Favourite Club?

A: Tropicana

Q: Favourite pub?

A: The Hall

Q: Favourite DJ?

A: George Bowie

Q: Favourite band?

A: Rammstein

Q: What are you drinking?

A: Tennents lager

Q: First club you ever went to?

A: The Barrowlands

Q: Describe your dancing in three words or fewer?

A: Unbelievable

David Reid (29), Sandyhills - "Becky Lynch. She's a lass-kicking champion".

Alan Speedie (26), Maryhill - "Dean Ambrose - I love everything about him".