Ricky Gervais wasn’t content with just showing off his mansion when he posted an image of his new home on Twitter.

The funnyman moved into the house in north London, said to have cost an eye-popping £10.8 million, at the weekend.

And he decided to share a snap of the building and the garden – and a little bit more – with his fans.

The David Brent: Life On The Road star donned nothing but a pair of black underpants as he posed while preparing for his stand-up gig in his mammoth garden.

Ricky also owns a mansion in Buckinghamshire – complete with tennis court – and a boat.

“My partner Jane and I go down to our house in Buckinghamshire and play tennis all the time,” he recently told the Mirror.

“We take a boat down the Thames. You should see us, trying not to kill anyone even though we’re going four miles an hour.”

Are we jealous? Yes.