MINCE pies, George Bailey receiving guidance from Clarence the angel and snarling, aggressive guitar rock.

That last one might not be a Christmas fixture like the others, but Glasgow duo Honeyblood are hoping to deliver an early present when they play a special festive show at the O2 ABC tomorrow night.

The gig will feature several great support acts who’ve been handpicked by the band, a collection of stalls offering some last minute Christmas shopping ideas and a few other surprises you wouldn’t get at a normal show.

“Both me and Cat love Christmas, so doing a show totally fits for us,” explains Stina Tweeddale, their singer and guitarist.

“It does feel like this one is going to be special, the finale of everything that we’ve done over the past couple of years.”

That time period has seen Stina and drummer Cat Myers release their second album, Babes Never Die, a punchy and explosive collection of fiery rock, underpinned by some killer pop hooks. It led the two-piece to tour the world, appear on the main stage of huge events like the Reading and Leeds festivals and establish the band as one of the most exciting live acts around.

“When I think of this album, I feel so thankful that people responded to it in the way that they did,” says Stina, who lives in the South Side.

“We have done so many amazing things, like playing Reading and Leeds, going to Singapore and Australia, things like that. We were constantly on tour and did a ridiculous amount of shows and this gig feels like it will close a chapter on Babes, because we have done all we can with it, and it’s back to the drawing board for album number three.”

The success of Babes Never Die might make that seem a daunting prospect, but Stina is looking forward to what lies ahead, and believes the band now have a freedom to explore fresh ideas.

“When you do a second record, you have so much to prove, and I think we really went for it,” reflects Stina.

“We were brassier, we were bolder and it was a bit punchier. Now with a third record, I feel like there are no limits and we can do anything. I don’t know if that will be a good thing or a bad thing, because there are a lot less constraints on the writing process.”

Before that hard work gets underway though, there is the O2 ABC tomorrow and their very own winter wonderland. Support on the night will come from Spook School, Man of Moon and rising singer songwriter Emme Woods, while the selection of stalls will be run by Wild and Kind Studios, the Gallowgate based community studio.

And although the band’s often acid-tongued tunes might not scream Yuletide cheer, Stina herself is a huge fan of the festive period.

“My family always make anyone welcome at Christmas, so if there’s people who are abroad for Christmas, or friends who don’t have anywhere else to go, then we’ll take them,” she laughs.

“We’ll get drunk by 4pm, the food’ll come out, we’ll play Jenga and watch Scrooged. We’ve had plenty of Christmases where friends come over and hang out, and that’s my favourite thing about it.”

The frontwoman has another couple of Christmas traditions, too.

“I go see It’s A Wonderful Life every year and there’s something nice about watching a film with a whole group of people,” she adds.

“I cry every year at it, so you’ll see me weeping if you’re there the same night as me. I love Scrooged too, it’s just hilarious – if you ever want to know my mum is like then just watch it, because she is totally like the Ghost of Christmas Present in it…”

Honeyblood, O2 ABC, Friday, £13, 6pm