A SCOT is about to star in a new reality TV show which lets singletons design their dream lover.

Lianne Robertson, who lives in Glasgow's Southside, will appear on E4's Game of Clones this month after she was picked as an ideal type for one of the contestants hoping to find love.

The pretty singleton, who works as an actor and in events management, applied to take part in the show after friends saw an advert on Facebook and encouraged her.

Lianne, 28, said: "It sounded like a fun and interesting thing to be a part of so I filled in the application."

The show, which Lianne filmed last November, offers a completely new concept.

Lianne explained: "Each week features a different group of singletons on the show. One person known as the picker gets to use this new avatar building technology where they combine their perfect physical type.

"Once they did that, the casting crew scoured the whole of the country to find the eight people who matched this perfect type."

Lianne was one of those ideal people and was cast as a clone.

She said: "The eight people were picked based on certain features that they already had naturally.

"Obviously to make it really effective they went into some detail to really match them up to be clones such as making their hair colour the same.

"It was rather creepy to be honest once we all looked at ourselves and saw we looked the same."

Since taking part in the show, Lianne admits she enjoyed the experience and she hopes others will tune in to watch the show.

She said: "I really enjoyed taking part in the show. At first, I wasn’t sure about applying.

"But I am glad I did it because it was a good experience and it was nice to meet the other people on the show."

She added: "It was nice to meet Colin as well who is the guy that was the picker on our week.

"He was a lovely guy but I won't reveal any spoilers or what happened in the show."

Lianne admits she will watch her episodes which premiere on March 20 from behind a blanket.

She said: "My friends and family are all really excited to see it. They all keep saying they want me to have a party to watch it.

"I keep telling them they can watch it in their own house and I will see in my livingroom with a blanket over my head cringing like mad."

E4's Game of Clones is on every night at 7.30pm.