Tec Towers was somewhat quiet for a Saturday night.

Toots had been out all day at a vintage fayre and burst through the door looking like one of the Andrews Sisters.

"How do you like my 40s look?" she cried.

I thought the little lady always looked in her 40s, but turns out she meant her hair and make up which had she done during the day.

Bright red lipstick and war-time styled hair - I had to admit Toots was looking good.

"I'm ready to go out on the randan, Tec, so make it a good one," she declared.

I had a little place in mind. Secluded and off the beaten track, so I was hoping it might be a hidden gem.

The Buick revved up in the direction of Rock Lobster, in Virginia Court. It's just off Miller Street, and if it wasn't for my sources I would never have known it was there.

Virginia Court is a little alleyway with a couple of developing bars and restaurants.

We strolled up and received a warm welcome. It was a cosy and bright joint and seemed pretty busy, which had to be a good sign.

We were shown to a table in no time and left to peruse the menu while ordering up a couple of pinot grigios.

The scran scan left us pondering over starters and mains. It's a combination of grills and fish, so plenty to choose from.

Our pleasant server gave us a few more options with the specials. But with the sea bass weighing in at £22, I was hoping The Moll would be steering clear of that one. I don't care how good it might have tasted, my wallet wouldn't be stretching that far.

It was a chilly night and I needed something to add a bit of heat.

My peepers honed in on the spicy lentil soup. Even the fish and chips had a spicy batter to it, so I reckoned it would give me a bit of central heating.

The Moll had decided she was going surf and turf.

Smoked salmon fish cakes to start, followed by a steak.

With our orders swiftly taken, we sat back and relaxed.

The Moll was waving her left hand around, she was sporting a new ring, a vintage gem - a bit like myself.

The dishes were flying out of the kitchen and the ones that passed, looked good, making my tummy rumble.

Without further ado our starters arrived.

My spicy lentil soup would have put hairs on your chest. It was pretty thick and almost a meal in itself, but with a little kick to it, it certainly woke you up.

Toots was tucking into the fish cakes, served with salad and dressing.

Tasty but not knock out, however, true to form, Blondie soon polished them off.

Most of the tables were full and the place was in ticking over with a steady stream of diners. Considering it is tucked away, people are obviously already in the know.

There seemed to be bit of delay with our mains and I was starting to get restless, but the Moll hadn't even noticed she was too busy chatting - delightful.

Our main event was served up. The fish looked pretty good and came with wedges on the side.

The Moll's steak was just to her liking, bloody and tender, and came with veggies on the side.

My fish was flaky and moist and nice and crispy on the outside, I got a bit of a shock with a touch of the spice, but water was at hand for my delicate taste buds.

The Moll was delighted, her steak was done just right and came with a lovely sauce.

However, she couldn't get her head around the veg selection, while crunchy and served in a tomato sauce, somehow broccoli and steak just seemed wrong.

We passed on pudding and finished off our wine.

I couldn't put it off any longer and plucked up the courage to ask for the bill.

With our 1940s theme night, I knew there was little chance of 1940s prices.

The damage weighed in at just over £60. Pretty decent scran, and good service. I couldn't really complain, but we'll be tightening our belts for the rest of the week.


Soup £4.95

Fishcakes £6.95


Steak £18.95

Spicy fish and chips £13.95


Pinot grigio £4.75 x 4

TOTAL £50.80