GABRIELLA Bennett is turning back the clock to give Evening Times readers plenty of food for thought.

She's cooking up dishes from recipes which are more than 100 years old as part of a fascinating series on Glasgow's forgotten recipes which she is highlighting in weekly blogs on our website.

Gabriella said: "When the opportunity arose to bring back to life 100-year-old dishes as part of my new series of features - Glasgow's Forgotten Recipes - I bit the editor's hand off at the chance."

It's a challenge the 25-year-old digital journalist is more than willing to take on even though the dishes include brain cakes and fish mould - a far cry from the bananas, peanut butter and yoghurt she would eat as a child.

But the writer, who lives in the shadow of the ­shipyards at Scotstoun, is made of stern stuff.

She's reviewed some of Scotland's best restaurants over the years and even sampled rare culinary ­delights such as deconstructed pigs' ears and dollops of sweetcorn ice cream.

Gabriella said: "Athough I'd approach anything still alive with caution - but never say never - I'll try pretty much any weird and wonderful food going.

"Maybe my bravery is to be attributed to my age or maybe I'm just daft but my ability to give anything a go is to be put to the test.

"Did I mention that, as well as cooking the forgotten recipes and sourcing the ingredients which might prove a job in itself, I'll be sampling them too?

"I've had to borrow an old, care-worn copy of The Glasgow Cookery Book to act as my go-to guide,which was first published in 1910. A cursory flick through the book gave even a hardened foodie like myself a shock."

She added: "I'm hoping to find a butcher in the city who can sell me the ingredients needed to resurrect my recipes.

You can follow ­Gabriella's exploits and discover the family meals made in Glasgow before the First World War at - if you have the stomach for it.