A TOP Glasgow restaurateur is backing a new initiative aimed at ­reducing food waste.

Seumas McInnes, owner of Café Gandolfi, has come up with 'left-over recipes' to encourage families to use up excess ingredients.

It's part of the Scottish Government's Zero Waste campaign, which revealed the average Scottish households spends £470 a year on food and drink that is thrown away.

Seumas said: "Most of us waste food without thinking, but there are a few recipes you can keep up your sleeve to help use up leftovers and excess ingredients.

"Soups are a great way to use your left-overs as they can be made with almost anything.

"If you feel they're a bit dull, add some cheese or mustard to make them more interesting.

"The addition of garlic and chilli can work wonders for a bland soup, too."

To find out more and to see Seumas's recipes, visit www.greener scotland.org