SAPPORO TEPPANYAKI, 2-6 Ingram Street, Glasgow Tel: 0141 553 4060

IT HAD been a long, hard morning on a stakeout in the big smoke and I was in desperate need of a hot meal.

I got on the blower to the Moll. She was in the city too, melting my plastic on a new spring wardrobe. With a traditional boozer in mind, I promised her ladyship some lunchtime nosh.

"Wait a minute," stuttered the Moll, as she spotted our intended destination.

"Hell will freeze over before I go in there," she said with an icy cold stare.

Even one of her highness' Prada pashmina couldn't save me from that Arctic blast. I pulled the Trilby down and about turned to the Merchant City.

Decision made, I held open the door to Sapporo Teppanyaki. We were among only four hungry visitors. But in terms of décor, you could tell this was one classy looking joint. "Finally, this is my kind of place, Tec," purred Toots.

We took our seats around a large grill, where highly skilled chefs take turns to cook your meal.

It was a spectacular sight, if you like that sort of thing. And the Moll does.

"It's just like in the movies," she said, giddy with excitement.

In an attempt to calm her down, our friendly waiter passed us the drinks menu.

The Moll, somewhat out of character, ordered a soft drink. With the Buick parked outside, I decided to join her. He returned with our drinks order, but Toots didn't look happy.

"This is diet, I didn't order diet." The waiter apologised and brought her the Coke she asked for.

"Is he trying to tell me something?" she raged. "Let's have a look at the menu," I said, quickly changing the subject.

This place had it all - sushi, rice dishes, teriyaki and a raft of noodle dishes.

And to help the hard-of-translating there were full descriptions in English.

We opted for prawn and salmon sushi to share. Before I could blink, however, the Moll thought it a good idea add chilli prawns to the order.

At almost £8, she's taking the mickey, I thought.

We were presented with two small trays, each with little mounds of temptation. Each tray carried a two pieces of melt-in-the-mouth-sushi nigiri, balls of sushi rice with slices of prawn or salmon on top.

Keeping them company were small bowls of soy sauce, garlic mayo, pickled ginger and fiery wasabi.

Choosing a main course was more difficult - there was so much scran to scan.

Eventually we choose from the teppanyaki menu - teriyaki chicken for me and teriyaki salmon for the Moll.

Our chef, appropriately called Superman, fired up the grill and started cooking. We were served a delicious portion of fried potatoes, and urged to begin eating.

Next up was the crisp, fresh stir-fried vegetables.

It was then several minutes before egg fried rice was handed to us.

And several minutes after that, it was time for the chicken and salmon.

The chicken was delicious, as was the Moll's salmon. The teriyaki dressing was perfect, not too bland and not too spicy.

The Moll was especially enamoured by her meal. But for £14? A little steep.

And while the cookery show was entertaining, it was more suited to a night out than a quick lunch.

Too full to even contemplate dessert, the Moll made her way to the ladies room... a subtle hint for me to flash the cash.

I paid the (larger-than-expected) bill, but the hefty hit on my wallet was worthwhile.

Sapporo Teppanyaki is a top quality restaurant. Just don't even think about itif you're on a budget.


Salmon nigiri sushi £3.95

Prawn nigiri sushi £3.95

Hot chilli prawns £7.75


Salmon teriyaki £16.50

Chicken teriyaki £15.50


Two glasses of Coke £3.50

Irn-Bru £1.75