Buddy's, 677 Pollokshaws Road, Strathbungo, Glasgow Tel:

0141 632 5417

THE Moll was getting antsy. "I want something I can sink my teeth into," she said, her pearly whites flashing in the early evening spring sunshine.

I was worried that if I didn't come up with something quick smart, Toots would be sinking her teeth into me.

I thought long and hard. Then I thought some more.

"Yee ha!" I cried. "I've got it. Get your Stetson, sweetheart, we're going to the Wild West." I fired up the Buick and headed south.

As The Moll cast a confused eye at the compass I explained my plan.

"You said you wanted something to sink your teeth into. Well, there's nothing better for that than some good and hearty barbecue," I said, dropping anchor outside Buddy's.

When it opened in November 2012 as a takeaway joint on Skirving Street, in Shawlands, folk went into melt down, queueing up for its hickory-smoked, pulled pork; dry-smoked ribs; chicken wings and burgers.

Now relocated to larger premises, the place is pitched as serving all-American soul food, burgers and BBQ and in the kitchen, there's a 'pitmaster', busy roasting whole chickens and hogs.

For a Tuesday night it was bustling - The Moll and I had to wait for a table, but I supped on a speciality beer in the meantime, making the delay speed by.

Just as the blonde was starting to pace, we were shown our seats - but it wasn't to be the only hold up of the night.

After scouring the menu - a mix of burgers, whole and half chickens, southern comfort food and poutines - The Moll picked out dishes... for both of us. She was keen to get started - as was I.

But the waiter was making us wait. Order in, finally, and it was explained that the dishes come out all at once.

Our starters and mains appeared on a giant tray, taking up the whole table.

The Moll was raring to tuck in.

First up, she ripped into her half BBQ chicken, using just her fingers. The meat, slightly pink inside and very juicy, fell from the bones, leaving The Moll licking her fingers.

Toots also helped tuck into my cheeseburger, which she'd asked to be topped with Buddy's famous pulled pork.

The bun was crisp, the burger succulent and the pulled pork the icing on the cake... well, so to speak.

With some crisp pickles and melted cheese thrown into the mix it was delicious.

While the lady tucked into our mains, I was left to go on a journey of discovery with our side orders.

First up, I had to try the poutine. A Southern dish, a poutine is thick cut chips, gravy and cheese curds. "Cheese curds?" said The Moll. "Not a chance."

But seeing my face when I tasted the thick, meaty gravy and deliciously crisp chips, she had to try some. And she wasn't disappointed.

Likewise the jalapeno poppers - tasty, but could have done with a little more pop and a bit more of a chilli kick.

Letting the side down were the fried pickles.

The pickles themselves were spicy and delightful but the batter coating them was soggy and oozing oil.

"These could have been amazing," The Moll said, dumping the batter on my plate.

A chocolate fudge cake - "Definitely not home-made," was the blonde's view - and an Oreo cookie sundae topped off the evening.

But not before another long wait for a waiter. In fact, every time we needed service there was no one to be found.

Still, it's early days and if Buddy's can sort out the service then it's set to be a South Side classic.


Jalapeno poppers - £4.50

Fried pickles - £3.95


Half BBQ chicken - £6.95

Cheeseburger with pulled pork - £7.95

The Montreal poutine - £4.95


Chocolate fudge cake - £3.50

Crunchy Oreo sundae - £4.95


Beer - £2

White wine spritzer - £3.95

TOTAL - £42.70