With the warmer weather on its way (it is, I promise) you better check this list before heading out into the sun for Yelper's picks of places to dive into something icy and cold - ice cream!

Gelateria Zanoni, 81 High Street, Glasgow G1 1NB

Pammi G says "there is a fantastic range of pre designed take away sundaes to choose from, or you can build your own choosing from about 20 different flavours of gorgeous Equi's Ice cream, 6 different sauces & 10 different toppings including crushed Oreo & Reece's Pieces."

Jaconelli's, 1419 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 9AA

Christina B "got the biggest ice cream cone they did and made sure it was completely drizzled with raspberry sauce and caked with loads of chocolate sprinkles!"

Derby Café, 677 Clarkston Road, Glasgow G44 3SE

"I usually get a small tub of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sprinkles, lashings of raspberry sauce and a few cheeky marshmallows on top for good measure," tips Eleanor M.

University Café, 87 Byres Road, Glasgow G11 5HN

Bex M was "offered a taste of the ice-cream as I couldn't decide which flavour I wanted. I tried the gingerbread which was very nice but I didn't fancy the crumbly texture so opted for vanilla. We both got the chocolate chips which are absolutely lovely."

Nardini's, 215 Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8UD

Morag K tried the Don Vito ice cream. "I'm sure the waiter said it was cinnamon flavour, with cherry and chocolate pieces. It reminded us of some of the great ice cream we had in Spain this summer."

Big Licks, 1185 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8TQ

"The rotating selection of ice cream flavours is varied and all of the flavours I've had have been fantastic." Stephanie B loves that "the cookies in the cookies & cream still have texture and the chocolate is nicely chocolate-y."

Sugar Rush, 32 St Andrews Street, Glasgow G1 5PD

"Mint choc chip is my favourite so went for that, which didn't disappoint, and a scoop of dime bar too." Roz M says it's a "good price too at £2.50 for a tub with two generous scoops and a wafer to munch."

Valentini's, 190 Fenwick Road, Glasgow G46 6UE

"This is a cracking wee ice cream shop, it's all made on the premises and tastes delicious." Kate M says, "the Jaffa cake ice cream is the bomb! It tastes exactly like Jaffa cakes, you get a decent portion for a decent price and the cones are tasty."

Cheer Me Up, 1082 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 3XE

While this is a frozen yoghurt place, you can also get ice cream milkshakes with Aero, Bounty or Malteasers (and more!)

Crolla's Gelataria, 221 Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8UD

Kelly R loves this "great little ice cream shop. We had the Tablet ice cream and it was so good! They do have loads of toppings as well."