CUBATAS TAPAS BAR, 108 Elderslie Street, Glasgow Tel: 0141 243 2227

SHE was late. Very late. Even by The Moll's standards. I could sense the sympathetic stares of the other diners as I drained my whisky sour.

"Can I grab you another Sir," asked the waitress. "You sure look like you need it."

Then a taxi screeched to a halt outside and Toots strolled in, casual as you like, looking like Lana Turner on the red carpet.

"Cool it, and order me a Mai Tai," she said, as she handed the waitress her ermine, "this kind of glamour takes time."

I'd promised her an anniversary date at this new tapas joint, Cubatas in Elderslie Street, recommended by our housekeeper Conchita.

And you don't let The Moll down. She sure looked a million bucks so I was hoping the restaurant impressed.

We perused the extensive menu that promised authentic Spanish tapas, infused with a Scottish twist.

It was all reasonably priced at around £3.50 a dish.

Toots' eyes lit up at a tasty aperitif of spiced almonds, seasoned with thyme, rosemary that was demolished in seconds.

She pouted and reapplied her Chanel New York red after I stole the last few from the bowl.

The vegetable paella didn't exactly razz my berries but the deep fried prawns hit the spot, light and crunchy and beautifully presented with a tomato dip.

Little parcels of pastry filled with cheese served with tomato marmalade made for a tasty trio.

The Moll plumped for the Gambas Pil Pil, garlic chilli prawns with fresh herbs.

"They are as hot as Elvis on a plate," squealed blondie in delight. Maybe that was why her cheeks were so flushed.

The mushrooms with garlic and herbs had her licking her pillar box talons.

Mixing it up with Manchego cheese, served with bread, she is was in Fat City.

Waiting for Toots to make her grand entrance had given me a little time to eyeball the joint.

It's a nice place they got there, lots of space, pretty chilled, seemed like a good place to take along the ankle-biters.

The Spanish music created a Mediterranean vibe, although it was a bit too loud to whisper sweet nothings over the table, before they turned the volume down.

There is a range of healthy options for those keeping an eye on their waistlines with fish and chips and steak options for less adventurous diners and gluten free options to boot.

The service was slick, attentive and friendly, with a raised eyebrow from Toots enough to summon the waitress to attention.

The Moll totalled her Creme Catalana faster than the cashier at the five and dime and after she fluttered her eyelashes I slipped her a few spoons of my ¬Tiramisu, deliciously rich and light all at the same time.

Before we split, Toots sealed the deal with an espresso which came with one of those cutesy chocolate mints on the side.

The flutter bum who served us turned out to be the main man, or the main manager.

He told us he's from Valencia and misses the Spanish sun and clues us into his plan to get an outdoor beer garden sorted for the summer.

He was also hoping to get some traditional Spanish music into the joint which should seal the deal for a return trip from Toots and the Tec.

"Let's take this party somewhere else", said The Moll with a satisfied smile.

But as we showed the door our heels, I just knew we'd be back for more.