Tesco is launching a diet service for customers with personalised eating plans and a new range of calorie-controlled meals.

The grocery giant is initially creating "my fit lifestyle" zones in 50 stores across London and on its website, where customers will find five colour-coded bands ranging from 100 to 500 calories to allow them to match products to their personal plans.

Products include a super food salad, creamy chicken, Moroccan chicken wholemeal flatbread and a Mediterranean graze box.

Customers can sign up on Tesco.com, where they can list their goals and receive a plan.

Research commissioned by the supermarket for the launch found that six out of 10 people regularly eat at their desk at work or on the move, and almost 90% make unhealthy food choices due to their busy lifestyles.

The launch follows a trend in the US for personalised eating plans.

Tesco chief customer officer Jill Easterbrook said: "We know that our customers are looking for us to help them lead healthier lives.

"They've told us that the pressures of the day mean sticking to a healthy eating regime can be really difficult.

"That's why we're launching my fit lifestyle, so you can mix and match freshly prepared meals to suit your own personal plan.

"Taken together with our wider programme to help improve health and wellbeing, including our recent decision to withdraw confectionery from all checkouts, and the billions of calories we have removed from our soft drinks, sandwiches and ready meal ranges, my fit lifestyle is another sign of our commitment to help shoppers live more healthily.

"By combining fresh, healthy, delicious meals with a personal eating plan, we can support our customers and help them achieve to their health and well-being goals."

Tesco in-house nutritionist Karen Tonks said: "Each of the meals provide two of your five a day, so whether you are aiming for short-term weight loss goals or a long-term lifestyle change, the my fit lifestyle range, Tesco health and wellbeing website and app are there to guide and support customers.

"It's flexible too, so you can follow a complete meal plan or just balance out an indulgent weekend.

"The range has enough variety to deliver all the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle."