Topolabamba, 89 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5TF

Topolabamba, 89 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5TF

I need to feel some heat," screamed Toots as the rained battered Tec Towers."Esta noche."

It took a bit of brain trawl but then it came to me in a flash - the hot new Mexican was all the broads in the locale could talk about and Toots could hardly keep a lid on her delight - her squeal spoke volumes.

When I explained it was a new City Centre restaurant, she hid her disappointment well.

Toots emerges with a flower in her hair and we saddled up the Buick for the quick drive downtown to Topolabamba on St Vincent Street.

Taking inspiration from Oaxaca, Chiapas, Chihuahua and Topolabampa, the four main culinary hotspots in Mexico, the new venue aims to serve up an authentic taste of Mexican.

It has been designed to make the setting just as authentic as the food, with much of the interior being imported from Mexico so there are bright walls and embellished decor.

The eatery is owned by the team behind Pinto, but this is a completely separate venture with more of a funky feel.

Everything is super chilled out and there's more of an evening atmosphere despite the 11.30am lunch opening until midnight for dinner.

And before we could yell out, "Ole" we were shown to our table.

The joint was buzzing with 20-something hipsters and tables were filling up fast. The music was a tad on the loud side, but that's just the Tec's take, and we were moved pronto.

Toots quickly eyed up the margarita bar, ideal for tucking into some nacho sides after work.

There was a dizzying list but she settled on the lemony caramelised pineapple flavour and she was on cloud nine.

We shared a bowl of tortilla chips with hand-made guacamole to whet our appetites and the dip hit the spot.

All dishes on the menu are labelled mild, medium and hot and there was a traffic light system for the enchiladas, "for today's heat level".

Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.

There were street food and classic Mexican dishes, all served in small plates designed for sharing. We settled on four and they arrived faster than the check-out girls at the five and dime.

The char roasted mushroom tacos could have done with a flavour hit.

But then Toots eyed the smoked chicken and grill roasted red onion quesadillas which although tasty were on the cold side. She likes her grub like her men, smokin' hot.

The shrimp tostadas, crispy corn tortillas with butter garlic and paprika, were a little too fishy side for our tastes.

The señorita serving said it was because they are served at a cold temperature.

We moved to the main attraction, taken from the Classic Mexican selection - Camarones a la Plancha.

Gulf Coast king prawns basted in Agave tequila, chilli and freshly squeezed lime juice.

The prawns were outta sight and I'm sorry I didn't order more, although on the pricey side at £10 for two. The dipping tequila was a sharp and tangy accompaniment.

For dessert we enjoyed the Moll's favourite, Churros.

The hot Mexican donuts were crazy good although the chocolate sauce was a little on the watery side.

The service was super fast but I'd have preferred the staff not to hover quite so much.

The Moll flashed a look that would have melted the snow on the Rocky Mountains as one senorita tried to take the unfinished nachos away.

While the food didn't quite rock our worlds, if you are after a quick bite and a buzzing atmosphere, Topolabamba fits the bill.

Starter to share

Guacamole with tortilla chips £2.95

Small plates

Char roasted mushroom tacos £3.95

Shrimp, butter, garlic and paprika tostada £4.50

Smoked chicken and grill roasted red onion quesadillas £4.80 Camarones a la plancha £10


Churros x 2 £9


1 Pine Margarita £4.95

1 pt El Borracho £4.50

1 btl Sauvignon Blanc £15.95

TOTAL: £61.60