This recipe will allow you to make your own sourdough bread by producing a starter which is called a 'levain'.

Once your starter is ready you will not need to make a starter again, as it will improve the flavour and texture of your bread the longer you feed it. In the next few weeks will publish recipes using the levain starter to make artisan breads, with their unique characteristics, that can only be obtained by using a sourdough.

Day 1

100g Organic coarse rye flour 125g Water (26C) Trace amount (pea size drop) honey Mix 50 strokes with a wooded spoon

Day 2

115g ½ of the culture from previous day 100g Rye flour 125g Water (26C)

Mix all ingredients and place into a plastic tub with lid half on, remembering it will expand. Leave at room temperature.

Days 3-9

115g ½ of the culture from previous day 100g Strong bread flour 125g Water (26C)

Repeat the process until day 9 and the starter will be ready to use. In the picture, you can see the levain rise for the first 3 days. Next week we will continue our sourdough recipes, so start your sourdough levain starter today.