Hutchesons, 158 Ingram Street, Glasgow G11EJ Tel:

0141 552 4050

THE Vintage Festival was in full swing in Glasgow's Merchant City.

As you can imagine, I fitted right in - you can't get anymore vintage than the old Tec.

I was browsing among the stalls, where I could have sworn I saw a pair of my old flares hanging up and going for a pretty penny.

It didn't take long for The Moll to pipe up she was hungry - surprise, surprise.

We were in the heart of the Merchant City and I knew we had plenty of choice on our doorstep.

The Buick was back at Tec Towers, so I could let my thinning hair down and really enjoy myself.

Only thing was, everywhere we went, there was no room at the inn.

We knocked on the doors of several joints, only to be turned away.

Until we found Hutchesons on Ingram Street.

We walked in and sheltered from the rain. A smart gent was swiftly over to us and we inquired about a table.

"If you can give me 10 minutes, Sir." Looking at the swanky surroundings - we sure could. If first impressions were anything to go by we were in luck, as the place looked great.

We ordered a couple of glasses of vino at the bar and waited for a table. The wine was a lovely, French rose.

Toots had only just taken a sip when our table was ready, but just at that moment our waiter took a tumble with the wine, partly over The Moll.

Without a second our main man apologised and another couple of glasses were sent over on the house.

No harm done to The Moll's little leopard print number, and we were soon on our way to the grand surroundings of the upstairs brasserie.

Fabulous high ceilings and a flashy bar, her ladyship was in her element at this revamped former school.

It was so up her street, she was almost speechless.

Our delightful server took us through the menu.

I hoped The Moll would steer clear of the caviar - can't have her acquiring a taste for that.

With a mix of surf and turf, the menu offered something for everyone.

The Moll was tickled pink with the thought of smoked salmon, followed by lobster and chips while, for me, it had to be steak and chips.

The newly opened place was certainly pulling them in, but with the excellent service we had experienced I could see why.

We just hoped the food would live up to expectations.

Toots' smoked salmon was delivered to the table and was pretty a picture.

"It simply melts in the mouth," she cried. I was so pleased, as it would also be melting a hole in my wallet.

Our main event was the highlight of the night.

Lobster and chips had The Moll's face beaming.

She set about it with her tools.

The claws were about the go flying, with Toots piping up 'they were slippery little suckers.'

She pulled the poor thing apart until there wasn't a piece of meat left.

For me, my steak was to die for. Cracking chips and carrots on the side, it was a first class meal.

Could things get any better, well yes to be precise.

We rounded off the night with a creme brûlée - two spoons of course.

It was light and sweet and hit the spot.

The bill came in at around £65, but you couldn't beat it for quality.

Ladies and gents Glasgow has a new jewel in the restaurant crown, and it looks like Hutchesons is here to reign for sometime.


Smoked salmon £7.95


Half lobster and chips £19.95

Fillet steak £28.95

Glazed carrots £4.95


Creme brulee £6.95

Total: £67.75