Everyone’s favourite Indian restaurant has just gone and launched a Nutella-filled naan bread - and we can’t get enough of a video clip of the creation in the making.

Mister Singh’s India in Elderslie Street made the announcement on its social media pages.

Complete with an eight-second clip of the flatbread bubbling as it makes its way around the oven, the wonderful creation - consisting of our two favourite things - is sure to be a big hit with staff already highlighting just how popular it’s been.

“To celebrate National Chocolate Week, we have created a Nutella naan and it’s flying out the door,” staff said in the Facebook post.

Let us know in the comment below if you’ve been along to try it yet.

The wacky creation comes on the day the Evening Times reports how Driftwood has launched yet another crazy drink: the Cherry Lambrini slushie.

In recent months, staff have also brought us the Buckfast and MD 20/20 shot, Harry Potter-themed cauldron cocktails, MD 20/20 ice-pole spritzers, Buckfast slush, and Buckfast-glazed chicken strips.