As the city gears up to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali this week, what better way to get in the party mood as we reveal Glasgow’s favourite curry?

The team at Just Eat have been researching the city’s top choices to find the korma takes the crown.

Bhuna, tandoori, biryani, and tikka masala have all taken second, third, fourth, and fifth place respectively.

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On a UK-wide scale, the study found that, on average, Brits can name only three different types of curry, with a fifth (19%) of those surveyed unable to name a single curry dish.

It’s no surprise that over half of those polled (69%) tend to order the same curry each time, with the average Brit only having tried only three or four different curry dishes.

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As to why we’re so conservative when it comes to curries, the research suggests our biggest fear is ordering a meal that’s too hot (30%).

Other notable reasons for cautious curry fans is a lack of familiarity with ingredients (21%) and the unfamiliar names of certain dishes (17%).

The research found that more detailed descriptions (38%), clear indications of spiciness (29%) and pictures of the dishes (28%) would help encourage people to try different types of curry.

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Having partnered with Curry Life Magazine, the company has created a new interactive tool, Curry Explorer, that encourages people to try different dishes and learn about what goes in to their favourite curries.

The findings come just days after Glasgow was named Britain’s spice capital.

Researchers from UberEATS found Indian food fans in Scotland’s largest city order hotter dishes than anywhere south of the border, including Bradford, Leicester, and Birmingham.