I'M disgusted at the lengths thieves will go to now-a-days to steal your car (Thursday).

Families work hard to be able to afford these vehicles, all for some low-life thief to steal the keys and your car.

I hope the police can increase their patrols around neighbourhoods affected in order to catch these criminals.

I for one, will ensure my car keys are safely stored away upstairs when I go to sleep at night now.



Kids' vaccine

THANK goodness parents are taking heed and requesting the MMR vaccine for their children (Friday).

It's vital to ensure your child is immunised to protest against measles and mumps.

Laura Reid

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TimesTot joy

I LOVED your TimesTot pull-out in Friday's Evening Times.

I would hate to have to judge the winner as they all looked so adorable.

Well done to the photographers for their patience, I'm sure it wasn't easy keeping all the tots smiling!



Cyclist attack

SOMETIMES I really do despair about the decline in Glasgow, particularly after reading about the attack on a cyclist in Maryhill (Thursday).

These thugs must be really proud of themselves, going around stealing bikes and attacking people. What a disgrace.

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Olly is a gem

YOUR pictures were great in Wednesday's Evening Times of singer Olly Murs visiting Glasgow for a signing session.

He really was kind to his fans and my daughter was overjoyed to get to meet him and get his autograph.

C Stewart

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