ALL week I have seen numerous articles about former Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley and her current success on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing show despite the fact that she is larger than the other female contestants.

Below some of these online articles I have seen horrific comments about this woman, some so vile you would think that she had committed mass murder.

But no, Lisa Riley's crime is far worse, according to some of these comments, because she had dared appear on our TV screens and not be a size 8.

In one story I read Lisa had apparently spoken about my time on Pop Idol and how I had inspired her because, against all the odds including my weight, I went on to win the show in 2003.

As much as I was flattered by these comments it also made me feel a little sad that, after all these years, someone's weight still seems to be the main topic of discussion and not their talent.

From what I can gather, Lisa seems to be performing well, getting great comments from the judges and clearly the Strictly audiences love her, so why are we focusing on the fact that she is overweight?

The reason, I'm afraid, is very simple.

As a society we are completely obsessed by weight and if you don't believe me the next time you are in your local newsagents or supermarket take a look at the front covers of the many weekly magazines laid out in front of you.

I guarantee every one of them will have some reference to weight loss or gain with various miracle fat busting solutions inside, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Now don't misunderstand me. I am in no way advocating obesity or living an unhealthy lifestyle – I've made no secret of my constant struggles with my own weight loss over the years but what I am saying is this...

There are so many more important things going on in the world today.

Our troops are still in Afghanistan, there is a five-year-old girl still missing in Wales, women are still being publicly stoned to death for alleged adultery in some parts of the world and little children are still dying of starvation.

And yet the most offensive thing on telly this week seems to be that a larger lady can actually dance and that the judges are giving her great scores. Truly baffling.

IT seems the world has gone 007 bonkers this week in anticipation of the new James Bond movie Skyfall, due for UK general release tomorrow.

All week we've seen pictures in the press of the gorgeous Bond girls strutting their stuff on the red carpet at various international premieres of the film, not to mention the man himself Daniel Craig looking dashing in his finely cut suit although, come on ladies, nothing will ever top the vision of Mr Craig emerg-ing from the sea in those teeny tiny blue swimming shorts in Casino Royale, will it?

Anyway tiny shorts and six packs aside, I am excited to say that I have been invited to the Charity Scottish Premiere of the movie this evening hosted by West FM with proceeds going to the very worthy Ayrshire Hospice.