SOME of Scotland's best up-and-coming bands will battle for supremacy this weekend.

Ten entries have been whittled down to just four for the Battle of the Bands final to take place on Saturday in Paisley, where the judges will have to compare diverse types of music.

This Is Paradox faces stiff competition from Heterodox, Premonition and Daniel Wallace – and the band's vocalist, Chrissy Wheble, says it wasn't easy reaching the final stage.

The 22-year-old said: "The other bands were awesome.

"It was tough getting through and it was amazing to see so many people come all that way to see us.

"Heterodox were on great form.

"They played solid sets and definitely entertained but the acoustic musicians held their own."

Chrissy admits the performance by This Is Paradox – which includes bass players Scott McKenzie and Paul McConnell, drummer Ben Pritchard and vocalist/guitarist Alan Voy Jeffrey – wasn't perfect.

He said "Our performance went well, a few slip ups here and there, but I think we raised the energy levels and that's what we're mostly about.

"In any competition, you can't underestimate anyone, especially when you reach a final.

"We might win, we might not, but the main thing is that we give the audience something to remember."

Ben, 19, said the event promises interesting contrasts in styles.

He added: "The competition looks strong so it could be anyone's game.

"We might have a few surprises in store."

This Is Paradox is well-prepared for the contest, whatever the other competitors throw at them.

Chrissy said "We're definitely going to bring it like never before – intensity is key to our performance. It's go big or go home really."

Taking on vocalist duties was something new for Chrissy, who joined the band as its bass player.

HE said: "When our old vocalist left to do other things, I volunteered to try out as vocalist and I'm still here doing it.

"The band's style has changed quite a bit since then and we are looking to write new songs that suit my voice a little better.

"My personal favourite song is Heartwreck, mostly because it's the first song I have been involved in with.

"Heads Will Roll is a big favourite for some people too, though.

"I really love our intro, the vocals were written on the spot and haven't changed since."

The band, keen to expand their song list, is currently focusing on writing new material.

Chrissy said "I have been really inspired by bands like Heart in Hand, Napoleon, Being an Ocean and Devil Sold his Soul.

"So we want to go in a direction not too far from that, but we're all heavily influenced by Bring Me The Horizon's Suicide Season album.

"I hope we can blend both styles and create something different."

Ben said: "All I aim for with every show and with every song we write or record is that the fans love it and people love what we're doing.

"I am psyched to get back in the practice room and get our new material ready for the fans."

Currently This Is Paradox has a few shows coming up, including a headline gig at the Classic Grand on Friday November 16, with Draw Me A Promise and She Cried Wolf

IT won't be the band's first headline event – though it will be a first for Chrissy and Ben, who have both joined since the previous headline gig.

But the group is looking to the future. While Ben has always dreamed of being signed by Fueled by Ramen Records – and admits there is a lot riding on Saturday's competition – Chrissy's aim is to play with a well-known band and tour, though he has other reasons for taking to the stage.

He said: "I just want to have fun with my best friends."

l Battle of the Bands will take place on Saturday at 7.15pm in St Matthew's Church of the Nazarene, Paisley.