I WAS very sad to read your story which shows the history of Arden housing scheme.

My family moved from Kinning Park to Arden in 1953.

To read about all the gangs and the trouble the people had to suffer was very troubling.

I was 13 years of age when we moved and we were very happy to live there. We only left when I was 19 as my dad's work took us to Kirkintilloch.

I do hope the new housing works.

People say the world has changed since then but I think its people who have.

I wish the people of Arden the best for the future.


Via e-mail

WHILE people in Scotland are suffering from benefit cuts from the Coalition Government, the Westminster Parliamentary Committee which is meant to look after Scotland's interests – especially how Westminster policies impact on Scotland – is wasting its time on false fears and smears about independence.

Despite the fact that such inquiries are actually out with the remit of this Labour-controlled committee, it has sat back and done nothing to protect Scotland from the Coalition cuts.

However, this shouldn't really be a surprise as the chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee was one of the Scottish Labour MPs who supported a motion in Westminster to protect the free bus pass in England, while calling for means testing and cuts to the pensioner bus pass in Scotland.

Kenny MacLaren


YOUNG Scots on the programme, The Big Debate, on Monday BBC1 were a credit to Scotland.

They were well educated, healthy and full of life.

That's different from what I see as a pensioner.

I travel on the buses in Glasgow and look around at the abject poverty.

The poor health of some people and the hopelessness of their situation is plain to see, and no-one seems to care.

John Corrigan