IT'S high time dog owners were put on the spot about caring for their animals and keeping them under control (Evening Times, November 8).

Too many people seem to think owning a dog needs no sense of responsibility on their part.

Even if dogs are not actually aggressive, they can be overly boisterous and dangerous if they have not had obedience training.

Isn't it about time they brought in proper dog licences so that only fit and proper owners are allowed to keep these animals?

Our streets would be a lot cleaner and safer.

N M Maryhil

WITH another campaign over before it had really begun it was right and inevitable that Scotland manager Craig Levein was shown the door.

His record was atrocious. And with a pay-off the size of the one he's getting, there won't be too many supporters feeling sorry for him.

Levein on time? Yes.

George Drummond Govan

The Early Years Early Action Fund is a fantastic undertaking by the Scottish Government to support early years children.

Inspiring Scotland picked exceptional projects and in the last year have certainly given our company, Lickety-spit, and I'm sure others, a level of support and development that has been outstanding.

An event held in Glasgow was a great celebration of innovative early intervention work and the commitment of the Minister [Aileen Campbell] gives us every expectation of more to come.

Virginia Radcliffe, Artistic Director & Chief Executive, Licketyspit

I'M with Michelle McManus (Evening Times, November 8).

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! is a great show – I love the way it sorts out the show-offs from the nice guys. But it's for watching, not appearing on. Too many creepy crawlies, and that's just the stars!

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