IT was with disbelief that I read recently about plans to move the Glasgow tourist information centre from George Square to just off Buchanan Street.

Is VisitScotland trying to completely kill off tourism in Glasgow?

Have bossed there lost touch with reality or are all their decisions to be made on the basis of cutting costs?

A few years ago, they moved the tourist information point at Glasgow Airport from next to international arrivals to next to domestic arrivals.

The current location is next to George Square, one of the most visited sites in Glasgow and which has a tour bus terminus.

I feel the move is a ludicrous decision being made by out-of-touch officials in Edinburgh.

A Gold, Glasgow

As a local resident of Westercommon and a regular user of the Courtyard Cafe I think it is a disgrace the way that Queens Cross has decided to close the cafe and make the staff redundant unless they find a job elsewhere with Queens Cross.

Why weren't the residents consulted before they made the decision to close the cafe?

After all, they were consulted on other issues and if the cafe is running at a loss why has it taken up to now to close it?

Where is the proof that it is running at a £70,000 loss? We need to see that in black and white.

I use the cafe often and it is busy and the service is excellent, it is always fresh food you get and the staff are very friendly.

It is in the centre of the community and there is always someone there to talk to if you are feeling down.

The staff have been there for years and they make everyone welcome, so I wonder what the real reason is behind shutting the cafe.

A very unhappy resident

THE Glasgow Subway is such an integral part of the city I'm surprised its history hasn't been archived before now.

Sometimes we take these things for granted because they always seem to have been here. So well done to the team carrying out the work.

Jean Brown, Maryhill