High life, indeed.

Kushion's continuing popularity just goes to show how far you can go with some chart and R&B tunes and a room full of sexed-up undergraduates.

In a City Centre full of student-orientated clubs, it sits among the top three, locked in a never-ending battle with Bamboo and O'Couture for the attentions of the Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch crowds that make up today's university societies.

If that sounds like your thing, Hii Life is a Wednesday nighter aimed squarely at those societies, with DJ Big Al spinning the usual hip hop and pop to a usually packed main room.

Other weekly highlights include the long-running Juicy Tuesdays-Kushion's flagship student night - and Thursday's more house-leaning Deluxx, which tonight is giving away hundreds of pounds worth of clothing from high-concept local designer Christian Macleod. Skint students, take note!

At the end of the month, the club hosts a Movember Wax Off, in what will surely go down as one of the biggest mass hair removal events in Glaswegian history.

It will be a once-in-a-year chance to witness a bloodless moustache massacre, with literally tens of self-styled lads screaming in agony, the remains of their wispy charity soup strainers strewn liberally across the dancefloor.

If that doesn't entice you into making the trip to this bouncing Bath Street basement, then jings, I don't know what will.