IT is normally in the nature of statues not to move ...

but that's exactly what some of Glasgow's best-known monuments will be doing.

Next February, the statues in George Square – a feature in the city for longer than anyone can remember – will be taken away and may not be coming back.

The re-development of the square, whether it involves statues or not, is an opportunity to create a modern civic space that can be used for events but also must be a place the people of Glasgow can call their own.

The last revamp was not popular replacing some of the grass sections with a larger red surface area to accommodate public events and exhibition space.

This time it must be done right, and the square has to win the approval of the people of the city.

George Square is not an outdoor blank exhibition hall to be hired out day after day, but the civic centre of Glasgow, where people around the world who visit should have as a lasting image of the city.

Consultation is underway, and the opinions expressed in that exercise from members of the public and business alike must be considered.

The city must strike a balance between an attractive – and yet versatile space – that nevertheless belongs to the people of Glasgow.